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Atma Bhujam Course

Level 1

This course starts the 12th of october and ends the 21st of December


Atma Bhujam means "the arm of the soul".

Atma bhujam is used to improve symptoms, illnesses, in our body by using your consciousness for this purpose.

Bringing consciousness into the body, implies that you meditate, enjoy mantras, or prayers and charging processes as tools to modify and improve the health of your body, your emotions, your mind, your energy.

In this first level you will learn to apply everything for yourself, but not for other people. In this first part, you will understand the importance of density, the importance of knowing how to transform potentials correctly, the humility that is needed and the responsibility required to feel the potentials of an illness, a symptom or a muscular contracture.

Requirements for this course

  • To know how to integrate emotions, EMOTIONAL INTEGRATION, in order to start with the basics of this technique. Dedicate 1 hour a day to your spiritual practice, for at least 5 days a week.


  • If you do not know the emotional integration technique, it is important that you take the time to learn it in order to access Atma Bhujam's teachings


To learn Emotional Integration: Here is my friend Shivagam's school of emotional integration, to know in detail about this course, please write an email to:                                                        



Duration: 12th Octubre - 21st December  2021


School days: Tuesdays from 17h to 18:30h (Canary Islands timetable)

Two Thursdays per month at 19:00 (1 hour duration) 

1 week a month break from classes



70€/month only if you enrol between now and 31 October.

From the 1st and until the 8th of November the price will be 70€/month.



As a group we will meet twice a month, independently of the classes on Tuesdays, in order to resolve doubts and to review our personal treatments done to ourselves.

Tutorials: Two Thursdays per month at 19:00 (1 hour duration) Canary Islands GMT

October: 21st and 28th

November: 11th and 25th

December: 9th and 16th



To be certified you must have a good attitude in the classes and pass the final exam

At the end of the course, if you had a proper attitude, and you manage to pass the final exam, we will send you, your Atma Bhujam with Shivani course attendance and successful completion certificate.

Course contents

Transmigration into the human body. The soul and God in the body. Overcoming the intensity of consciousness in the body (Integration). Transmigration. The importance of humility. Compassion and its mantra to the body. Importance of charging mantras and how they help us with health.

Feeling vs. interpreting. Currents of energy. Redirecting energy currents. Differentiating the vital plane from the physical plane. Fear of illness (Integration).

Earth, regeneration. Disease vs. energy. Cells, atoms, subatomic particles, quarks, Anima. Insecurity of doing it wrong (Integration).

15th  November

22th  November

8th November

Fire, transformation. Consciousness and trust in yourself and God. Never take a symptom for granted. Vulnerability and fear of getting an illness. (Integration).

Heaven, containment. Fear of embracing so much consciousness in the body (Integration). Expansion of consciousness vs. denial of symptoms in the body. Mahima. Transmigration.

Water, cohesion. God, new information for our planes from the 1st to the 10th plane. Integration. Transmigration.

6th December

13th December

20th December

Air, movement. Shiva, trust in life. Divine Mother. Application of the hands' fingers for Atma Bhujam.

Divine Father and its application in Atma Bhujam.

Physical blockages to be felt and emptied.

10th January

17th January

3rd January





17th February

IMPORTANT!!!, Once you get enrolled in the course, you should send an email to

You have to send your name, your surrname, the certified level in the Shivagam school, and what do you want about this course.

In case of doubts, please contact to

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